Inquisitive Child, LLC 

A comprehensive early learning center



Our Beliefs about Children and Early Learning


We believe that in order for children to thrive, their basic needs must be met.  Therefore: we provide for the physical and mental health and safety of each child.  We accomplish this through the establishment of a warm, consistent, and caring environment where children feel secure and develop a sense of love and trust.


We believe that children need a nurturing caregiver.  Therefore: nurturing skills are assessed in hiring staff and utilized in interactions with children and their families.

We believe that children need to develop a positive sense of self-esteem and competence to maximize their potential and that growth and learning are natural thrusts of human development.  Therefore: we help children feel that their thoughts and ideas are valued, encouraging their self-expression.


We believe that children are unique individuals.  Therefore: we work with each child individually, recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses to promote individual potential and growth.  Personal competencies are developed in individual and group contexts.


We believe that children need a stimulating, yet orderly and organized, environment to explore.  Therefore: we provide a rich environment that has attractive interior surroundings, a wide variety of learning materials, play things, and opportunities to explore the natural environment.


We believe that children have important rights as human beings.  Therefore: discipline and interactions in our programs offer children choices and/or explain reasons for rules and expectations.  Since children need to learn self respect and respect for others, cooperative, considerate, and appropriate behavior is afforded to and expected from each child.


We believe that it is important to encourage the development of the whole child.  Therefore: we provide opportunities for learning that include cognitive, affective, and moral experiences.  Individual interests are pursued as a means to affect learning.


We believe that active involvement in the process of learning is as important as specific content.  Therefore: we provide rich opportunities, encouragement, and support for children to explore the environment and develop, express, and satisfy their curiosity.


We believe that children need to identify and communicate their feelings, needs, and desires.  In addition, they need to determine how they can function positively within the context of their social environment.  Therefore: we assist to develop important personal and interpersonal skills necessary for social living.


We believe that social skills are important in early childhood.  Therefore: we provide a cooperative and supportive environment where children learn to function successfully- first independently, then as interdependent beings.